Submissions _

Find audio and dyslexia friendly .pdf versions of our submission guidelines HERE


1. Email submissions to


2. Most importantly: work must be interactive. We are looking for work the reader can interact with or influence in some way

For example, the work may be non-linear, or the reader may be able to explore, make decisions about or within, or choose the outcome of the work

The trophy cabinet includes some examples of interactive work but we are open to other ideas too

Guidance for making interactive text with twine can be found on our resources page, but your work does not have to be in Twine to be accepted

3. We will consider all types of work: games, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual art, audio, anything else you can think of – as long as it’s interactive


5. Send us your work in your preferred format / document type – if we have trouble with it we will let you know and try to find a solution

6. We will also accept submissions written in the body of your email

Additional information

7. Please include a short biographical statement, written in the third person. Here is an example:

“Hamlet Finklestien (they / them) lives by the sea, in a little town off the south coast of Transylvania. They have had work published in Bleep Magazine, Bloop Press and Blurp Lit. They are a keen LARPER, who loves their laptop a lot and their cats more. Find them online at and on twitter @snoozlechumps”

8. Please include your pronouns in your bio

9. Please tell us your twitter handle, if you have one

Previously published work

10. We may accept previously published work

11. We are more likely to accept previously published work if it :

  • has been published somewhere that is not a traditional literary venue (e.g.; your own website); or
  • was published in a more traditional literary venue a year or more ago

12. If you are submitting previously published work, please tell us where and when it was published

Simultaneous submissions

13. We accept simultaneous submissions

14. If we accept your work, please withdraw it from anywhere else it has been submitted, until after we have published it

15. If somewhere else accepts your work before we have made a decision, please inform us so that we can decide how to proceed

16. You retain all rights over your work

Fees and payment

17. We do not charge submission fees

18. We are not able to offer payment at this time