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Completely new to interactive writing?

Always wanted to write a choose your own adventure / interactive story / interactive poem / interactive shopping list, but not quite sure how?

Written up an interactive piece that could be even more fun if the choices could be presented in real time?

Twine is a popular interface that makes creating interactive work easy. You can write an interactive text adventure style piece without knowing any coding

Many of the pieces in the trophy cabinet were written in Twine

You can download Twine here

Here are some resources to get you started:

Any one of these resources should be enough to show you the basics. Pick whichever one best suits how you like to learn


Twine for Beginners by Damon Wakes (Series of video tutorials ranging from absolute basics to more advanced material)

Twine video tutorials by Digital Exposure TV (series of Twine video tutorials, starting with the basics)


Twine 2.0 Harlow Beginner’s Guide by Gaming the Past – text only walkthrough

A Quick Twine 2.2+ Tutorial by Allison Parrish

Harlowe Twine Workshop – an intro to Twine – written as a Twine!

The Twine Cookbook – everything you need to know about Twine. Extremely detailed for beginners, but if you find yourself with a random question once you get started, you will find the answer here

Twine Grimoir by G.C. Baccaris – two pdf guides to customising pieces made in Twine


IFComp and The Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction are annual interactive fiction competitions

Visit their sites to browse previous entries and find more interactive fiction resources