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Examples of our favourite interactive artefacts from elsewhere. Not made in the voidspace, but we wish they were

Howling Dogs

by porpentine


by J.J. Guest and G.C. Baccaris (made for Spring Thing 2021)

Star Gauge

by Su Hui

Totally Stab Caesar

by Hannah Raymond-Cox

A Tiny Webzine

by Gvidas Paraklis and Nathalie Lawhead (made for Indieocalypse and Kus)

Ned Nelson Really Needs a Job

by Eric Crepeau (made for Spring Thing 2021)

Occupy White Walls

interactive art gallery

Dolores and the Cave

by Magda Knight (Mookychick)

Humour, Genre and the One True Quest for a Missing Pillar

by Shiv Ramdas (Uncanny Magazine 42)

House of Cenci

by Parabolic Theatre