Hast you Illiterate attention? – by Lorraine Murphy

I haved illiterate attention. Trusty me when I tell you it hast benefits and fabulous. 

For my brain skipt this way and that with my smile in my cheeks that doest a dimpled or two. Wonderful fanciness and worlds in my eyelids. 

Per school exams I am gullible dum dunce but that thoughting damages my spirit so I cremates the results paper and create, create, create per my wild and geniusy spirit. 

Hast you got illiterate attention you lucky? 

Living in Ireland, I am a member of writing group Inklings for five years but new to the online side of writing. Wife to Brendan and mother to three taller people ranging in ages from 12 to 20, always plotting and dreaming. 

Scream my head off moments 2022: 

Winner Fiction Factory flash fiction competition 2022 https://t.co/n2iK5mCZmI

Editor’s choice Friday Flash Fiction 11th March