Venonta Vivo : an introduction

Venonta Vivo is a serialised interactive sci-fi novel about Omni, the head of a colony starship. What happens next is decided by twitter poll – one in English and one in Catalan – each week. The plots of the English and Catalan versions of the novel have diverged considerably, creating parallel universes.

English poll & chapters : here

Catalan poll & chapters: here

Aman Nòlem (@cibersheep he/him, they/them) is the writing pseudonym of Joan CiberSheep (musician).

Aman Nòlem is a collaborator in several adult zines, such as Cerebreco and Moixa Mental. Some of their previous works are Experiment0, a multilanguage dystopic novella and the ongoing Voltant per ses estrelles (Around among the Stars), a local approach to space exploration soap opera.