The You of My I




Secret Truth:

The You of My I

Oh You, sweet and juicy
We could make a You-pie
I love drawing You
You are my symbol for Choice; which do apples pick?
An ever forking path, meandering
It matters not, and yet, it all makes beautiful sense
I’ll take a bite from this You, and truth will follow:

An apple is an illusion of not being me
An apple is a dream, a delight
An apple is all the things I ever wanted
Who is an apple? If not me? We are everything
And ever wandering, together, or not
An apple: my muse, my most wanted desire

Bloom de Wilde perceives the world with awe and wonder; connecting the dots with playful curiosity.
She creates exuberant, colourful universes in which listeners can lose and find themselves; intimate poetic reflections that capture the beauty, magic and sense of humour of the universe.

She writes songs and poems; makes art and music videos; likes to dress up behind and in front of the camera. Her work explores the space where the senses meet. 

She is about to release an album, organises creative immersions as a transformational coach and is secretly writing 4 books at once.