The Bridle King reads – by Rebecca Dempsey

Aware and grim: the Bridle King, (may he astound and enlighten all) trusting the dense meaning of the tarot cards, automates incorporeal boos when confronted by any mealy criminal looking to dispute his cansts or anyone making a trusting entrance under the arches before hesitating to bow before the master.

The Astonishing Gargantuan brushes aside his fears to read the room: he speaks slowly about his work as he collectivises his gang, turning them into average workers, and then declares to avow to enter a tender joint union before his new partner should give birth, or suffer any limb to distend, or experience any unhealthy dispute or flimsy excuse of his. 

In turn, the Bridle King brushes aside his tendency to amuse to examine the heavy air around the Astonishing Gargantuan: he cut a forlorn figure for a being of his size, even after his speech. The king opts to search the cards again. As per usual: the fool, the hanged man, the moon.

Everything decays, he declares, before he announces the Gargantuan’s next quest.

Gargantuan nods, he sees the issue, and he would rather drown now than forsake his determination to forever bumble along in the king’s moonlight, following his earnest wisdom. Whatever the cost.    

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