Summer WIshing Afterward

[Directions: Upon reading this poem, make your way to a local pawn shop or thrift store. Locate & purchase a ship in a bottle, a snowglobe, or some other encased knickknack with a removable cork, stopper, or base. Make a copy of this poem—handwriting, photography, or printout are all viable—& roll or loosely fold the poem so it may fit into the enclosed container. Sleep with the container under your pillow for two weeks. After those nights have passed, travel to a shore or pier & toss the container & the poem into the water. Sleep.]

Scatter the ashes of my body

across white-sand beaches gone glassy

after lightning strikes the western coast

Nestle me into the dunes

Nudge me into the passing wind’s sigh

Let me rustle the birches’ last leaves

Permit me entry into the energy of a wave

A force is the cause of any motion

the very reason for that motion to question

how it got its start & where

        if ever

it ends

Jacob Schepers (he/him) is the author of A Bundle of Careful Compromises (Outriders Poetry Project 2014). His manuscript “Colder Country” is a two-time finalist for the Antivenom Poetry Prize as well as the Annual Poetry Award from Elixir Press. His poems and reviews have appeared in such places as Verse, Midway Journal, Tupelo Quarterly, The Fanzine, Entropy, Heavy Feather Review, Burning House Press, The Destroyer, and elsewhere. With Sara Judy he edits the journal ballast, and he teaches at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. www.jacobschepers and @JacobSchepers.