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Short story by the author: Asylum

Asylum is about a psychiatrist struggling with perfectionism in the 1950s and his obsession with a woman in his dreams, who beckons him towards the darkness by turning his desire to let go against him.

Nik Lam (she/they) is a sexuality, health, and wellness coach who writes horror and erotica and uses poetry as an emotional outlet when in the midst of an existential identity crisis. Born and raised in the Southern United States, she split her time between divorced parents, living in her mother’s metaphysical shop while her father worked for a Christian church. She prefers writing to explore that contradictory upbringing. She has written multiple horror short scripts for competitions and has several works in progress which focus on identity and trauma, obsession with perfection and self-imposed isolation. She is fascinated by horror and sexuality portrayed in comic books and graphic novels, and currently writes reviews and other articles for GatecrashersPod. When not writing or working with clients, she loves solo road trips to macabre locations, historic churches, and exploring cemeteries.