Author’s Note 


This is a project that concerns itself with the illusion of choice, with intrusive and racing thoughts, and with the experience of gaslighting as it pertains to both interpersonal relationships and the relationships we are trained to have with work.  

Consuming this work may be distressing. Please remember that you can close the window, tab or book at any point. There are few traditional trigger warnings that are pertinent to this text; only that it may address or provoke sensations of anxiety, and that it uses the imagery of a fire. Still, it is my ardent recommendation that you do not consume this text if you are in any period of psychological distress. Come back to it. I’m really proud of this work, and the way that it navigates medium, and what it addresses, and it will be here.  

Please do not consume this text if you are in any way under the influence of a substance.

The most interesting thing about Ben Riddle is that he is building a little library of all the little books of poetry he can find. The voices of poets go still too soon. He is the Director of Perth Underground Press (@PUPr3ss) and the author of The Cripple Who Is Whole. Twitter: @rddlmethispoet