You leave the card and walk out with the money. What are you doing? You’re not a thief. You’ve never stolen anything – except for that candy bar in fourth grade. It was found money. Besides, with all the aggravation from the AirBnB, you deserve it. And that chicken really freaked you out. You’re not thinking straight.

You feel hot. You touch your arm and it’s covered with sweat. You’re really hot. Maybe you should put the money back. But you keep walking. And it just gets hotter. So hot. You never should have taken the money.

Then you hear sirens. You look up and see smoke. Smoke? And behind the smoke there are flames. Oh God. This is it. The big one. The fire. You have to get home to your wife and your house. Which way is home? You’re confused. You start to run.

You come to an intersection and stop. Think, think. You can’t be far from home. Something explodes. More flames. You’re so hot.

Then you look up and there’s a girl in front of you. She has green hair and a mask. The flames are raging behind her. You want to scream. Then she reaches out a hand to you.

She touches you.