a mirror asks




Secret Truth:

a mirror asks

One must confront love with a careful plan of attack. It will try to endure. Unpick, unlearn, underneath there is lasting safety to be found.

Fear is but an abstract concept measured in small things and lasting grasps.

Love exists unconditionally in all of us; there is always something to love. Not all fear is the same; some fear has conditions.

Fear is blind. It might whack you in the face or seep up through your ankles.

Love is not to be reduced to cortisol and adrenaline; it is dark, it knows, it grows in roofs, forests and hearts.

Fear is gay.

Love makes the mighty unsure of who they were before. It will stop them going back and will have them bound away.

Fear can be found in fleeting moments between strangers. Love relishes a challenge. Nothing is more costly than fear.

In dangerous situations, it is often love that keeps us alive.

Richard is a Welsh actor and theatre maker who writes music and plays. His interests include nostalgia, hiraeth, memory and silliness. @richardaaron.d