Prompts: What was the reason you woke up this morning? Are you sure you are awake?

The reason I woke up this morning was because I know that the Manager will call me over the tannoy system at 9:00 a.m. After I reply that “I’m fine” I know I am fully awake and get on with my day. I find it very intrusive but my children are happy and feel secure in the knowledge that someone checks on me daily. It doesn’t make complete sense to me as if I fall at 10 a.m. I am not discovered until the next morning. On a Friday it would only be on the Monday and even longer if there is a public holiday. People used to look out for their neighbours and were aware of tell tale signs that something was amiss. Now we rely on technology.

Prompt: Do you regret being born?

I do not regret being born and know with certainty that my parents really wanted me.
Both my parents had been married before with children from their previous marriages.
They really wanted to have a child of their own. My mother was offered a termination at one stage as the Doctor was concerned about her age and her health. She refused and I believe had a miscarriage during her subsequent pregnancy. How then can I regret being born? It simply wasn’t an option.

Bonnie Rae is a Mum and Granny who doesn’t wish to grow old gracefully.  She loves colourful clothes and is happy living in a diverse part of London. With a wealth of life experiences and a keen sense of the ridiculous, she hopes to inspire her grandchildren. If any of her writing appeals to the wider public that is a bonus.