Empty skies are unusual this close to Jupiter. The asteroid belt winks in the distance, accusatory (or so Jupiter thinks) as an ice giant takes a celestial dive. It seems protective of Saturn but it’s too late to pull back, the Great Conjunction is already happening, and the circuit will be completed in full.

Notes: The first word I chose – empty.
The opposite of my chosen word – full.
(The story must start and end on those two words)
Change the pronouns.
Change the narrative perspective.
It then asks you to “pick another word” (I chose dive) and then loops the same prompts so I wasn’t sure if this was part of the same trail or had started a new one.

Laura (she/her) loves to write poems and stories that channel her past life as a florist. Her love of nature is often woven into her work, alongside the fantastical and ominous.

When not reading for Moss Puppy Magazine, she can be found wandering the botanical gardens, playing video games, or among the stacks of her local bookstore.

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