You are yourself. Only younger, much younger, like three or four. Also, you’re 2D. It’s weird. Really weird but cool. You walk but you don’t quite know how. You wonder if people can see you but there’s no one around. You walk by a car and get an idea. You squeeze. Well not exactly squeeze. You fit yourself into the door crack and you’re sitting in the car. Wow, that was cool. The car is hot so you fit yourself back out. There’s no one on the street which is weird. You come to a house you’ve seen before. It’s interesting. The are plastic gnomes in the yard and it’s painted deep purple. You’ve always wondered about the people who live here. You have a thought.

You fit through the front door easily. You don’t hear anyone so you look around. You’re in empty hallway with checkerboard tile. The next room is also empty. You’re disappointed. And you feel tired all of a sudden. Wait, there’s something in the corner.

What is that? It’s a silver guy with some kind of balloons attached to him. It looks cool. You walk over and sit in his lap.

Immediately you’re floating. You bounce off the ceiling and into the next room. This is
awesome. He’s flying you around. There’s an open window and you’re outside. Soon, you’re high. It’s amazing. You remember that as a grown up you were afraid of heights. Now you’re loving it. The city fades below you. You see the ocean. You hope he’ll take you there. Maybe you’ll see dolphins. Then you scratch your nose.

Let go.