Be a Werewold Having a Great Time

We are a werewolf.

Yes, we. Don’t fuss about it.

We’re going to have a great time, yes?

Nod if we understand. Talking’s… difficult right now.

Writing too. So… get paper and draw pictures like we tell you to.

You might need a reminder later.

First: us, picking the BEST DAMN TRACK that exists and setting it up to play in our room.


Bad dog.

Second: us, going outside.


Third: us, going for a run until we’re bored. Barking at a tree.

Leaving a scent mark?

Fourth, us howling at the moon.

If we can’t see the moon, try howling at a street light or similar. It’s ironic or something.

Fifth, us, running home.

If we like, bark at a stranger we’re never going to see again.

Or just their house.

Sixth, us getting home.

Shoes off! Mess is bad.

Seventh, us in our room, playing the BEST DAMN TRACK and having an absolute whale of a time.

Might be taking a selfie to share with mates in the voidspace.

Now do the stuff!