a Neighborhood Walk

You hear the car pull into the drive next door and you’re immediately pissed off. Why shouldn’t you be? The place has been an AirBnB for a year now and it’s nothing but trouble. One bachelorette party after another. Why bachelorette? Loud voices, loud music, red Solo cups. You hate all of it. You’ve lived here twenty years. This is your street.

You look out and see the car – minivan of course. But instead of young women, you see one kid and then another. Maybe eight- or ten-year-olds, each one holding a grocery bag. A family? Maybe it won’t be so bad. Then one of them falls. The groceries go everywhere. He cries out. More damn noise. You’re about to swear but you catch yourself. Your wife doesn’t like cursing and she thinks it raises your blood pressure. She thinks you obsess over the AirBnB. Then the other kid yells. Shit. You’re getting upset. You decide to go for a walk.

Down the street, you see an animal.

A chicken.
A dog.