I set the timer for an hour and 3 minutes each day

an hour for my new year’s resolution

3 minutes for a bathroom break

the idea is that I’m still a [[writer]]

if I write for an hour a day

the idea is that it’s better to produce something than [[nothing]]

but I could easily prove myself wrong

I could write five thousand words without a single salvageable phrase

There’s nothing worse than a writer who writes about writer’s block

Couldn’t you write an actual story, you might ask,

in the time it takes to complain?

Yes, there must be people who can just do things

I’d rather stare at this timer as is it hovers, impossibly, 

at 58 minutes left

I’d rather lie down on this yoga mat

in something like the [[child’s]] pose

And feel that [[despair]] in my chest

And stand up woozy

As this ‘chill’ playlist plays on Spotify

And think about how there are 8 billion people in this world

And how, if I really wanted to make a difference,

I would chain myself to buildings

And blow up oil wells