The Song of the Wasps – by Arden Hunter

an ornery manager is greedy -
a wretched cosmos of predestination
accoutred in respectful honey

afraid that the employees will sneak behind the fence….
see the trick

- there is no honey
- there are no bees

the hum that you hear
is the song of the wasps

To see this piece as intended, turn your phone to landscape.

Arden Hunter is an ND aroace agender writer, artist and performer and EIC of Cutbow Quarterly Magazine. They have two books out this year: ‘Pull Yourself Together’, a collection of poetry through Alien Buddha Press, and ‘Drifting Bottles’, an erasure/collage/narrative hybrid through Gutslut Press. Arden runs a free online generative writing workshop and poetry reading every weekend and anyone is welcome to join. Find them on Twitter @hunterarden, Instagram @thegardenofarden and at