The Cry

The crime is Time. 

Her master is Time. 

His master is Time. 

Their master is Time. 

Time is a stem, a mast, 

a stir, a mist. 

Streams hit me. Scare me. 

Chase me. Mate me. 

I am amiss. 

Time is the cry. 

The cry—my Christ

Alex (He/Him) is a trans UK university student with an inclination towards introspective, darker themes, and spends his time on multiple streaming services. He also adores the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is set this year to complete a Creative Writing Masters. He also has work out with Not Deer Mag, Tealight Press, Ghost Orchid Press, Green Ink Poetry, The Minison Project, Hallowzine and he can be found on Twitter at @AlexakaSatan.