PSA: method

To create this piece, I first looked at @lynchpoet’s alphabet letter by letter to see what imagery
each one had embedded in it. I then separated the letters into three categories: neutral,
threatening, and aftermath. I used these notes to see what words I could make out of the letters
in each category.

So for example, I saw I could make “keen,” using “threatening” letters: k (which has what looks
like an explosion at the bottom), e (has tapestries hanging which look like teeth) and n (has a
graveyard and gothic looking church.) I then incorporated the word into a warning.

From there, I took the few words I’d made and used them as a jumping off point for the rest of
the poem. Throughout the process, I tried my best to use letters to match the intent and feel of
each part of the poem. This forced me to get creative with my word choice (ie using “thy”
instead of “your”) which was really fun and helped shape the voice of the poem! Many thanks to
@lynchpoet for this awesome tool.