Pick a word – process

Steps taken in the Pick a Word Twine prompt: by Allison DeDecker 

  1. Pick a word, any word, & write it down: I chose plant. For its opposite, I picked rock.
  2. Wrote 2 sentences.
  3. Changed pronouns from she/her to he/him.
  4. Changed POV from 3rd to 2nd person. To accommodate this, I also changed some words. 
  5. Picked 2nd word: grief. Checked to make sure it wasn’t in the first one. 
  6. Wrote “Joy” as its opposite. 
  7. Wrote another 2 sentences.
  8. Killed off the main character; and to have it make sense I had to add 1 more sentence.
  9. Picked a third word; chose cup. 
  10. For a “disintegrating antonym,” I chose “hammer,” it’s not really an opposite per se but it can destroy.
  11. Wrote 3rd story, went back in and eliminated adjectives.
  12. Shortened a few words to six letters or less.
  13. Looked at the 3 stories, think maybe they can be about the same characters.
  14. Decide maybe the stories work in reverse.
  15. Look for any obvious connections and don’t see any- don’t really think there is. 
  16. Do some minimal rewriting as recommended. 
  • Note: I did have a few times where I would click a button and it would take me back a step and I preferred not repeating steps over and over so I clicked around until I moved to the next phase.