You’re stuck. You can’t move. In front of you is a beautiful canyon. The grass is deep green, the sand wheat yellow, and the wall across the expanse burnt amber. You try to turn your head – impossible. You sense that there might be others near you but you can’t see them. Something is moving in the cliff across from you. Something moving? You squint. There are people in the canyon wall. 3D people. Real people. You see ladders and cut outs. There live there. Amazing. You watch them. They cook, they eat, they play, they have sex. You keep watching. You can’t do anything else.

Time passes. Lots of time. Eons. Sometimes it hot, sometimes cold. You see snow. Then the people leave and the canyon is barren. Lots more time passes.

Then it gets hot. Really hot. There’s smoke. And behind the smoke there are flames. Oh God. This is it. The big one. The fire. What will happen to you after all this time?
Then there’s a girl in front of you. She has green hair and a mask. The flames are raging behind her. You want to scream. Then she reaches out a hand to you.

She touches you.