where should we go on vacation?

and if Vermont, should we take the bus,

and if the animal sanctuary, 

are you comfortable renting a car?

and if you say yes

are you really?

are you sure?


what should I do with my life?

am I a traitor for working where I do?


should I sell all my possessions

and devote myself to charity?


which bathing suit should I [[buy]]?

and what should I write in this email?

and what should happen at the end of [[my book]]?


have I done the [wrong things]

[[(I know I have)]]

and what would be the right things?

& what should I do with my life?

& what should I do?

& what should I do?

& what should I do?


why do you look so bored

when I’m talking in circles to you

why do you only say I love you

when I’m too tired to talk

why do you say I’m the love of your life

when I’m insufferable

when I can’t suffer me for the next [[five minutes]]

let alone [[the rest of my life]]