Rule of Three

Prompt: What was your first intrusive thought?

have you heard of fairies?

too many days go by where we don’t think about them, but they’re everywhere

in your dishwasher, made out of spoons and reusable straws
there’s some in your lint catcher, made of that dryer sheet and a lost sock
they pop out every time you drop your shampoo bottle in the shower

theyre not always malevolent, but they’re the littlest inconvenience
that misplaced key, that berry that rots first in the tub, that buzzing in your ear

be kind. be cautious. be careful.

and maybe sometime soon they’ll grant you a favor, or on your darkest days they’ll offer you a new name

Prompt: What was the reason you woke up this morning. Are you sure you are awake?

the blankets were too warm. the humidity was stuffy and it felt like i was wrapped in steam.

but there was solace in the leftover coffee in the fridge, kept away from the flies. there were pastries close to expiring that needed to get eaten. the plants out on the back deck would wilt without me

my eyes dont feel so droopy when im asleep, my spine doesnt yell, my leg still rattles like a can full of rocks either way

i have to clean for guests i dont want, i have to wash clothes i dont want to wear, i have to call people i dont want to talk to

sweet dreams

Prompt: Why is poetry the language of the dead?

poetry’s the language of the world, of those from the youngest of ages to the oldest of ages past

from the seussian rhymes to the dozens-and-dimes,
from the first breaths to the last deaths
the sing-songs and sing-alongs, bring us together, bring us in throngs
poems dont wilt like a flower, a rousing battle chant to fear and cower

maybe its too much whimsy, maybe its a crime
but that’s it for me, i’ve run out of time

Kira S. (she/they/he) is a young “lady” from Portland, Oregon that specializes in the wondrous, odd, and whimsical. Her favorite pastimes include creating something where there is nothing and repurposing the ordinary into the special. A writer and collage artist primarily, her work can be found at her twitter @KirbyCocoa and her Ko-Fi,