I once got very mad at my [[husband]]

Who was then my boyfriend

For having diarrhea on the way back from a music festival

They had eaten a hot dog there

And when we were walking home

They had to use the porta potty at an empty construction site

I don’t remember why I was [[angry]]

at someone else’s sickness

Only that I was 

And that I walked very fast

All the way home

I think maybe I’m angry at anything that diverts attention away from me

At least the attention of someone I love

It was like that [[when I was a kid]], too

I used to [[exaggerate]] everything

Someone would tell me to be quiet

That I shouldn’t interrupt when the grown-ups were talking

And I’d imagine not talking for the rest of my life

Sinking into a silence so deep that they regretted ever having wronged me

That they’d be longing always to know, 

What was that thing I’d been going to say