The drink is thick and sweet. Right away you feel light headed, but it’s not a bad feeling. You walk around the store a bit. There’s nobody and almost nothing here. Except in one corner. What is that? It’s a silver guy with some kind of balloons attached to him. It looks cool. What? It must be the drink. You pick him up. He’s light of course.

You decide to take him. What are you doing? You’re not a thief. You’ve never stolen anything – except for that candy bar in fourth grade. But no one is here. Besides, with all the aggravation from the AirBnB, you deserve it. And that chicken really freaked you out. You’re not thinking straight.

You walk outside with him feeling self-conscious. You start to look around and notice your feet aren’t touching the ground. Your feet aren’t touching the ground? What was in that drink? No, you are floating, really floating. The balloons are pulling you up. God no. You’re afraid of heights. You float above the store and see into someone’s apartment window. That’s too high.

You panic.

Let go.