CRASH this party Lisa! – by Laura Cooney

Her effervescent mind fizzed with excitement. The obvious mood was one of soulful abandon and the party was indeed a success. No-one could know that her external mood was nothing like the internal one. Her memory bangs, cruelly, back to the wicked and crestfallen feelings from the morning. She pushes them away and when they won’t abate she goes to the bathroom and screams herself hoarse then conks her head on the wall for good measure. Not unusual.

It’s not obvious… they think she’s happy and they think she’s sane, but actually… she’s quite mad. Bless her, but in the main she is quite mad and spends a lot of time  alone in deep and detailed raving as she declutters her mind.

She has three states of being: external happy/internal sad, external calm/internal panic and external sane/internal mad; which is where we find her today.

Lisa could’ve been anything she wanted from an academic to an actress, and anything in between with those masking skills. Here she is today, attending a party, tricking them all. 

She knows no-one really and, really, no-one knows her.

Laura Cooney (she/her) lives in Edinburgh with her young family. Laura writes mainly for children and enjoys writing flash fiction and short stories. This will be her first publication.

When she’s not writing you’ll find her outdoors, in a park, or as close to the sea as possible. There will be ice-cream! Find her online at or on twitter @lozzawriting