Back-To-School Poeting / Ready. Set. Build-Your-Own-Haiku

Find a six-sided cube – 

some (d)ice.

Make that two. Roll 

both. In beds 

of flour. 

Two parts 

sugar, three

parts (sp)ice.

On (f)oil. Recite 

text from the visible
side’s chest. Letters
on one. Numbers
on the other. 


Each cell
a moment of mo(u)rning –

a seasonal tell.

Each side coded 

with an Expo 


Strands of


file right. Twisted 

like salt-water taffy.

A summer 

memory. Goodbye. 


bells toll.
Each classroom 

a haiku yet untold.

Syllables hatch,

in odd and even hues —

What does the school
year say?

Re-toss dice 

of letters and numbers.
Swap lines. Thread time.

Add articles, succinct
action verbs, and conjunctions.

Trade prepositions
with adverbs.

Roll three,
four, more dice 
for a non-traditional view —

Then reimagine play,

play again (revisions 

welcome, grading due-

dates delayed).

Jen Schneider (she/her) is an educator who lives, writes, and works in small spaces throughout Pennsylvania. Recent works include 14 (Plus) Reasons WhyA Collection of Recollections, Invisible Ink, On Always Being an Outsider, and Blindfolds, Bruises, and Breakups.