Write your own poem using only words found in the words MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

shit sit rise his as r.e.m. sat mass 
charm the same as each  year tar cram 
mist chair steam team am is their ray 
sister ram arm harm mast cast miss Terry 
yes stem mat atm Christ stair stare react 
crash ash rash term stream stray star smart 
cart tray yet hit this stay say heist 
trim rat Rasta chasm art same tame time 
shame tyre shirt cherry air crass hair err 
meat has shire scram rim system ice icy 
mice may raise mash stash cash tear tier 
came sir sire rear tame ire are car 
tar scar chart misty mime my try tie 
cream stir crime match ham mister sherry miser 
sham rite my charity scary rather east satire 
racist racism chemistry      
  • please add your own words 

Julia Ruth Smith is a teacher, mother and writer of small things. She lives by the sea in Italy. She has recently been published in Sledgehammer Lit, Full House Literary Magazine, Anamorphoseis Mag, Tattie Zine, Skirting Around and others. Exaggerated and emotional, she’s on Twitter @JuliaRuthSmith1 She/her.

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2 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. as they say;
    tyres may tear
    a star may stay
    hearts may stir.

    my icy scary stare
    has met a match.

    a Rasta, his hair tame.

    a miser, my time came.

    he has my heart.

    Merry Christmas, my mister.
    Stay the same each year.

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